Welcome to the Titus Lab!

Symbiotic associations underpin all ecosystems, and understanding how they generate and maintain biodiversity has been an important question in evolutionary biology for decades. Nevertheless, we are still largely ignorant of how symbiotic processes shape patterns of biodiversity across space and through time.

Research in the Titus Lab uses the iconic mutualisms from tropical coral reefs to understand the evolutionary and ecological processes that generate biodiversity in these tightly linked interactions. We combine field research, systematics, and genomic approaches to understand mutualisms at all levels of biological organization. We focus primarily on tropical sea anemones and their symbionts.

We are part of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alabama. The lab is located at Dauphin Island Sea Lab in the Gulf of Mexico just South of Mobile, AL.

***The Titus Lab has 2 PhD positions and 2 Postdoctoral Researcher positions available! Please see the Join tab for details.***